April 22-23, 2021
Chelyabinsk State University

Dear colleagues, thank you for the abstracts sent!

Based on the review of the received abstracts, the program committee recommends the topic for submission in one of the journals.

All applicants for approved applications received information letters by e-mail.

Scientific journals of the Faculty of Journalism
A peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes the results of current research in the specialty 10.01.10 - journalism (philological sciences). The magazine is published 4 times a year. Articles are accepted in Russian and English. The publication of articles is free of charge. The journal "Znak: Problematic Field of Media Education" complies with international scientific standards and is indexed in the RSCI. Included in the VAK List.
Published since 2006. Initially under the auspices of the Chelyabinsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences; since 2020 published by the Chelyabinsk State University on the following specialties: cultural studies (24.00.01 Theory and history of culture); philology (10.01.01 Russian literature; 10.01.08 Theory of literature. Textology; 10.01.10 Journalism); pedagogy (13.00.01 General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education). Included in the RSCI.
The magazine is dedicated to the current state of the information space. Articles are published that investigate the problems of mass information, mass communication, theoretical and practical aspects of journalism, journalistic cultures and professional problems of the authors of the information field, advertising, PR. The journal publishes, among other things, research by novice researchers and professionals. Included in the RSCI.