Impact of UGC on professional journalism
  • the user-generated content effect on principles, techniques, strategies and tactics of the professional news desks;
  • amateur journalism challenge to the industry: de-professionalization in the field of news and analytical content creation;
  • news and UGC: establishment of the agenda, changing priorities in news feed, the impact of UGC style on news standards;
  • reality and simulacra in foreign and Russian media in the post-truth era;
  • fact-checking and user-generated content (authenticity and fake in user-generated content).
Communication in a new media reality
  • genres of network communication;
  • online intolerance: user-generated content manifestation and role;
  • user content in Internet communications;
  • visual practices in custom content;
  • fandoms, cosplays, sports fan communities and other manifestations of fan culture.
Interdisciplinary research in user-generated content
  • the user generated content experience in applied economic research;
  • politics and audience;
  • user generated content and culture;
  • user content and media education;
  • psychological characteristics of the audience and the study of user reactions;
  • legal features of user content appliance;
  • UGC in advertising and PR.